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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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. nbc bay area have learned that one of the navy s.e.a.l.s that was killed in the helicopter crash in afghanistan this weekend has family in the bay area. 30 u.s. serve members died along with 7 afghanis in the deadliest single incident in the united states since the war began 10 years ago. taliban leaders are claiming responsibility and among the dead 20 members of the elite navy s.e.a.l.s. the parents of one of those s.e.a.l.s lives in san jose.
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they called nbc bay area wanting to share more about their son. kim terry is here with more. >> reporter: diane, kevin houston's family got word of his death early yesterday morni ng and are, as you can imagine, still trying to come to terms with it. they say they knew his job as a navy s.e.a.l. was dangerous but he always assured them that everything was okay. they are saying they found some solace knowing he was doing something he loved. it was his childhood dream and his family said he thrived on helping people and doing what he was dog. he enlisted right after high school and has been on multiple tours in afghanistan. he was raised on the east coast but was very close to his father's side of the family in san jose. >> i just -- he's my son, and if i could trade places with him i
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would trade, you know. i'd have went there and let him stay here. >> reporter: houston's family is making arrangements to get to the east coast so they can be there when his body is returned to u.s. soil on tuesday and he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. houston is survived by his wife and three children. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. we have two new developments tonight regarding the deadly pg&e explosion in san bruno last year. it's reported that leaders were warned in detail two months before the blast that the situation was a quote unquote risk. some all but predicted the explosion according to documents filed recently with state regulators. and perhaps most disturbing leaders were briefed on possible
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doomsday scenarios. the report's authors urged pg&e to install more shutoff valves. if you remember, it it work worker s an hour and a half to shot off the valves. employees have come forward to accuse pg&e of creating a culture where they feared retaliation if they raised safety concerns. the san jose mercury news reports that one man whose job was to look for fraud and other misconduct said he was laid off when he complained about potentially explosive gas leaks and falsified records. a spokesman denied those allegationses and told us that, quote, we encourage employees to bring things up because that is the only way we can be a safe company. the explosion in san bruno last september killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. we have developing news tonight. firefighters are working on a three-alarm fire in ba neesh sha. it started as a brush fire near the corner of rose and hastings
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drive, a few miles east of interstate 80. several homes were threatened but we are told they're not in danger any longer. firefighters are working to set up a perimeter around that area. we'll bring you more information as soon as we learn it. here in the bay area he's the talk of san francisco politics and current mayor ed lee is expected to announce this week whether he's going to run for mayor in the fall. so today he joined fans of jerry garcia for a celebration in honor of what would have been garcia's 69th birthday. and a reporter asked the mayor the question many people are wondering. >> reporter: are you going to make the big announcement tomorrow? >> we'll worry about that tomorrow. i'm just here to celebrate jerry day today.cc1: >> so ed lee avoided answering the question of whether he'll make the announcement tomorrow. but he has until friday to make his decision. lee did tip his hand just a bit by saying that he will not take any public money if he does run. that decision would distinguish
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him from all the other candidates. nbc bay area's political analyst larry gurs ton says lee has enjoyed a honeymoon of sorts that could change if he decides to run. >> he's not your standard career politician, no question he about it. how will that go? will people say it's good or bad? can he overcome a good deal of the momentum that other candidates have? but lee also has an awful lot of heavy hitters behind him. >> gurston also pointed out the new system of voting in san francisco will have a major impact as well on the outcome of that race. a bay area sports personality has created an uproar. today the controversy prompted a response from san francisco giants manager bruce bochy. bochy is calling the comments racist. monte francis is at at&t park to explain for us. >> reporter: good evening. tony bruno has admitted his comments were incensensitive but hasn't done much to calm the outrage felt by some immigrants rights group.
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this it controversy stems from a tweet that knr host posted after a brawl broke out between the giants and phillies during the sixth inning friday. the fight broke out after giants reliever ramonry meerz pitched a ball that hit a batter in the lower back. players fought for more than a minute and the incident led bruno to tweet, quote, gutless giants. bochy is a coward for having his illegal alien pitcher hitli a g since ghty frisco boys, then the post stops there. bruno removed the tweet and later apologized. today giants manager bruce bochy had this reaction. >> forget the remarks about me. that doesn't bother me, you know. for a guy to make a racist comment like that and have it hear by so many people, that bothers me. i can defend myself as a coward, but i don't know if you can defend a racist comment. >> reporter: ramirez, who is from the dmin it can republic
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didn't react to the comments but he wants to assure everyone he is in the country legally. bruno does some work for comcast sports. dnbr management has not commented on the situation. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. coming up next at 6:00 -- >> i think it's sick what they've it done just over a -- >> a riot overnight ended in dozens of arrests and dozens of police in the hospital. why london exploded overnight and why the riots continued tonight as well. plus -- part of highway 101 shuts down tonight. we'll show you exactly when and where. and one bay area county is sweetening an already sweet deal. we'll show you how fixing up your home to save more energy could rake in $nc 0.
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new amateur video out of syria today shows a military assault in the eastern part of that country. an activist group says 57 people including children were killed around the country today. a witness with sasays in the ea morning hours tanks and bulldozers rolled in and took down barricades that residents had set p up. this latest attack comes the day after the u.n. secretary general demanded syria's president rein in the military. the state country has been in a state of unrest since march. smoke and flames filled the sky in another city last night -- london. 42 people were arrested overnight after protests against police turned violent. protestors were angry about the shooting and killing of a 29-year-old father of three during a law enforcement operation. stones and fireworks were thrown
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at police. shops, homes and patrol cars were set on fire. police said while they may have been the target of the angry, it's the public who's suffering. >> this is an attack on people, ordinary people, shopkeepers, women, children who are now standing on the streets homeless as a consequence. >> 26 police officers were injured and two remain in in the hospital. tutnam neighborhood has been sites of riots before. the most memorable after police raided a local woman's home and she suffered heart failure. you see it making its way into important museums that gives you an idea of how big it is. >> why the line between vandalism and art is more hazy than ever before. and temperatures cooler than the average by a good stretch today. we are down into the low 60s in hayward, 57 and windy in san
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francisco. we do have a store. yomiur sev en-d your seven-d is comiayng up. p.
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modern graffiti has been popping up on everything from highway signs to dumpsters for decades. but recently, especially here in california, it's become a hot kmod itty in the art world, hanging in museums and selling for bic bugs. as nbc's lee cowan reports, that's reporting some to wonder where to it draw the line between one man's vandalism and one's artistic expression. >> reporter: when with an lapd
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detective a cop, he never thought he would be an art critic. but as a member of l.a.'s graffiti task force, he now polices the vast canvas that is the inner city. >> there have been some cases made out of fingerprints from -- rnc >> reporter: off the cans. >> yeah. >> reporter: to him, graffiti is vandalism, even though sometimes it's a tough call. it the issue is permission. >> reporter: last year l.a. sprayed over millions of graffiti. just p keeping up is no easy task. and it's not just los angeles. cities all around the country are seeing a graffiti surge like florence, alabama and the statehouse in tennessee. >> when you see its way making its way into important museums, that gives you an idea of how big it is. >> reporter: at this gallery at the sunset marquise hotel in west hollywood, graffiti is big business. >> that's $9,000.
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>> reporter: cope 2 as the artist is known started years ago. by tagging subway cars in new york city. now he's an artist known the world over. it's a hit in hollywood, too. the recent documentary by the elusive graffiti artist banksy was dominated for an award. >> some people says it has to be illegal to be graffiti. i don't really agree with that. >> reporter: this is the curator of the venices art walls. he he offers a legal place for street artists like create. >> i was actually told at a young age, this art will not get you nowhere. guesses what? i travel. i do shows, sell paintings. >> reporter: critics say all this this attention is just glorifying a crime. but it's the canvass that's the controversy, not the spray strokes themselves. lee cowan, nbc news, venice beach, california. >> nbc there. highway 1 ow 1 is due to be shut down for several days on
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the peninsula so crews can paint a new bike and pedestrian over-crossing. the northbound lanes of 101 in and nt between ralstoncc1: to 4:00 a.m. and the southbound lanes in the same area between th between and 18cc1: 1:00 and 4:30 a.m. around?way to get cc1: el cami el cami el camino real. if you were driving around the peninsula, you may have been stuck in traffic. that's because more than 1,000 bicyclists hit the road in the tour de peninsula. it ended in coyote park where there was a festival. it's designed to raise money for the san francisco county parks foundation. and while the cool weather along the peninsula may have felt good, if you were riding a bike perhaps, tourists in san francisco were shivering a bit, do you like this this weather? >> i do. she don't. i do. >> it's okay. it it's like home in the cc1:
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wintertime. >> that's classic san francisco summer weather. people were bundled p up in jackets and scarves there. most of the tourists agreed it's a nice break from the heat around much of the rest of the country. and i won't say the old mark twain thing. we've heard it before.cc1: what's going on, nick? marine re cigarettie i getting: layer. temperatures way below the cc1: average. live pictures from san francisco, the marine clouds pushing, strong onshore flow continues. we got a busy northerly component around the coast, santa cruz and down toward p apptos and watson vl. for the most of us inland, temperatures were running between 5 and 10 degrees below average. normally upper 80s around livermore, today 78, 81 in normalcc1: high is 88. stan jose and that strong onshore wind is going to bring in those low clouds, the
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fog once again tonight. probably some patchy mist and drizzle. here's the setup. i'm kind of a broken record, saying the same thing we said yesterday. the strong onshore flow continues. we'll get a bit more clearing at think tomorrow and that trend will continue. n fact, a bit of a warmingcc1: trend as we head through the middle part of this coming week. here's the setup for us.cc1: that persistent trough that's been sitting across the pacific washington 1: state, bringing in these weak disturbances, reinforcing the arine layer and giving us thec: onshore wind. most of the eastern two thieve thirds, that will build back towards the west over southern california. it's not going to be dramatic warming for the bay area, but i think you're going to notice temperatures pop especially inland through tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. we are in for a little taste of summer with some 90s back in th: forecast. tonight a little bit of mist, cc1:le along the san mateo county coast, through the golden
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gate, marin county, san francisco, oakland through the early morning hours. some wet roadways here and there. tomorrow temperatures should be a bit warmer than what we saw today. little closer to normal. 80 san jose, 74 fremont, still that strong onshore wind flow, we're not getting out of the low 70s for my friends in san mateo, 76 moraga, oakland, upper 60s at best, 76 in kentfield. into the north bay, just 63 in bodega bay. but i do think you're looking at sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. here's that extended forecast. i've updated the numbers and bumped us into the low 90s for wednesday and thursday for the warmest inland spots. it it's not going to be a major heat wave. in fact, we're really only warming things up to near average. so in it the meantime enjoy the cooler, milder temperatures. continue into tomorrow. coming up, the giants looking to win one. plus, just how big a check some
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homeowners can get by making some energy-efficient changes. it it alsore you live on in wre you live in the bay area. we'll show you. cc1:th
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saving energy could save you a whole lot more than a couple of bucks on your energy bill. pg&e is offering $4,000 worth of rebates for customers cho make had their homes more energy efficient. san mateo county will match it it. it's part of a statewide program called energy upgrade california. the double rebates are expected to continue through march. of course, you have to buy things to get the rebates, such as energy-efficient clothes washers, dishwashers that sort of thing. now for what's coming up in sports, we have dave kenz from comcast sportsnet. >> reporter: hello, diane.
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the giants try to avoid being swept at home by the phillies. plus, we'll had head to napa where raiders coach is placing high expectations on his second. that story j that stot ryust ahead. cc1:
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>> announcer: nowed xfinity sports desk. a little over a week ago phillies manager charlie man well slighted tim lincecum and matt cain by saying they're good pitchers.eatcc1: sunday lincecum shoved that it back into manu elle's grill. 1-0 phillies in the fourth. single. rbicc1:
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the giants would take a 2-1 lead into the sixth. that's when this sacrifice was come up to bring in stewart. giants take a 3-1 lead, plenty rolled lincecum whocc1: 7 2/it 3, five strike outs, seven hits. scary moment in the eighth when chase utley loses his bat. thankfully timmy would be okay. then in the ninth, the giants turn it over to the bull pen and in,else, brian wilson comescc1: gets jimmy rollins to ground out to second. the giants avoid the series sweep by winning 3-1. jamey sire has more. >> reporter: despite scoring just three runs on 13 hits, the giants managed just enough offense to avoid the sweep on 22 ay, snapping their 0 forcc1: hitless streak with runners in scoring position and adding a pair of sac flies. >> the guys needed it. this is again a much-needed win: hopefully we'll get on a roll and some consistency. we'll have a good team coming in
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here. but we're going to have to get this offense going. >> i want to come out there and throw a shutout. kind of n't, that'scc1: upsetting. with what t workcc1: you've got. if your team gives you enough runs to win, that's the key. i mean, you want to go out there and that's the goal. >> first part of the game his little1: tight. he wasn't really throwing the ed to.he way he wantcc1: after the third inning i think it loosened up and he was able to throw his pitches where he wanted to. his fastball was established both in and out, up and down. and then we know he went to the change-up quite a lot. it was filthy today. >> reporter: a couple of injury updates. lincecum says he's fine after getting hit in the knee with a : bat. a sprained beltran withcc1: right wrist. hopefully he'll be ready. over in the american league, the a's and rays rubber match in 3-1 tampa.:
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matsui, the two-run home run his 11th of the year ties the game at 3. 4-3 oakland in the seventh. evan longoria ties it up with one swing of the bat, his solo th.t, his 16cc1: in the top of the tenth inning, josh willingham comes up huge for oakland, the solo home run to put the a's up 5-4. they win 5-4, their first road series victory in 13 tries. to napa. just four days removed from their preseason opener, hugh jackson is upping the ante. needs he1:h mcclain and not receipt van richard sea moymour to be the h of his defense. >> i need him to know the defense flows through him. he sees it all. richard is a veteran obviously but mcclain sees the richard's hand is down in the ground. this guy needs to be the unquestionably leader of the
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defensive team. that's what i expect from him. i'm in his ear because i know what this young man can be. he's a really, really good football player, but i'm asking him to be great. i'm not looking for him to be good. i want number 55 on this it football team to be great. to the world golf cc1: championship, bridgestone invitational, tiger woods not a finish.1: missed a fairway on the final holes of his round, including this 18, shot an even par 70, finished 1 over. dam scott and stevie williamsc: take the win, scott finishes 5 under 65 to take the title tiger, your thoughts on your first tourney in three months. >> i'm fresh. i haven't played. so it's nice to get out there in the competitive atmosphere no matter how i was playing. just to try to figure out how to score. because i haven't been forced to score. at home playing monday game was my buddies is not quite the same. being out here and being forced shots, a score, hitcc1:
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that's a different deal. >> so tiger the pro golfer back but tiger the champion still a long way from resurfacing. >> a little bitter, too. thank you. thank you for choosing the bay area at 6:00. good night. i'm suzanne shaw, nbc bay area editorial director. just weeks ago, a back door deal was slipped into the state budget with no public debate. this new law bans teacher layoffs and, if revenues fall short, as many suspect, the school year may be cut to 168 days, one of the shortest in the nation. critics call this outrageous and a recipe for disaster. we're all for saving jobs, but nbc bay area believes it's up to local districts to decide the best way to balance their books. it's wrong for sacramento to take management power away from it local leaders. and it it's wrong t


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